How to Build a Life in Melbourne

How to Build a Life in Melbourne


Published by Aerostorie, How to Build a Life in Melbourne is the thoughtful, compendious guide to how Melbourne lives, breathes and functions — the perfect companion for every new, or aspiring, resident.



Packing up your life — in one suitcase or many, with a partner or without, is full of unpredictability. But how do you build a life in a new city? In Aerostorie’s first publication, How to Build a Life in Melbourne, we learn from the experts; the residents who call Melbourne home. We meet local business, academics and creatives and explore the cultural events which bring Melbourne to life. We meet the thinkers and doers who shape the city, and most importantly, we show you what it’s like to live in this great global city.

What is it like to live in Fitzroy? Or Richmond? What are schools in Melbourne like? How do people stay fit? What’s it like to open a pop up business in the heart of the city?

How to Build a Life in Melbourne brings you in-depth features exploring the places, spaces and cultural events that make Melbourne the city so many choose to call home. With essays from the thinkers shaping the city, and tours of workspaces, homes and suburbs, we’ve made it our business to explore the city from the inside out.

Aerostorie’s premiere title is more than a city guide for backpackers and tourists – it’s a thoughtful, well-curated field guide to designing your new life in Melbourne. Welcome.


What's inside

  • Photo essays and profiles on key neighbourhoods
  • Essays from notable Melbourne residents
  • Features on local businesses, activities and cultural institutions
  • Q&As with residents who call the city home
  • Useful tips and illuminating case studies on how to get the most out of your life in Melbourne


  • 224 pages
  • 180mm × 240mm × 15mm
  • Printed in Hong Kong on premium paper stocks
  • Complimentary global delivery
  • Shipping from August 2017