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I can become ‘homey’ anywhere: Photographer Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves is a New Zealander who made the move to New York. Since heading overseas, his career has taken unexpected and interesting routes. Clocking up impressive modeling contracts for Prada, YSL, Hermes and Marc Jacobs, Hargreaves then made the decision to move behind the lens. Hargreaves sat down with Aerostorie to talk about following his interests across different countries, supporting small business in the city and casually seeking adventures during his morning commute.

This crazy, nomadic existence: Rosa Park of Cereal

Born in Seoul, Rosa Park has lived in Vancouver, Boston, New York, Paris, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Bristol and now Bath, where she publishes travel magazine Cereal with her partner Rich Stapleton. Rosa sat down for a conversation with Aerostorie about her routines while on the road, finding joy in planning and being at home in new places.

Islamabad to Gaborone: Sara Sullivan’s global family

As the director of communications for a large regional donor-funded development project working to improve economic growth in southern Africa, Sarah Sullivan is a busy woman. She’s also a parent. Born in the USA and initially basing herself in Islamabad, Sara and her family now live in Botswana’s capital city Gaborone. She briefed Aerostorie about what it’s like to be a family on the move.